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Truck-All Depot is very unique; in both make-up and operation. Consisting of a 110-door facility on 15 acres of land located next to the Yellowhead highway in Edmonton AB, we have a fleet of trucks servicing the greater Edmonton area. (Including St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Nisku and Acheson).

Truck-All Depot Ltd. comprises an elite group of Carriers providing transportation services to locations throughout Canada. Many have been with us from day one and 44 years later, continue to thrive by utilizing our services and enjoy the benefits of working in a Depot environment.

We provide local P&D for our group of carriers, as well as freight Consolidation for our shippers. Truck-All Depot does not operate as a brokerage, but rather as a Depot. Certain carriers may at times, present themselves as a Depot, but in actuality, this is not the case. The result of which in most cases; is a delay in the movement of freight, especially for destinations they do not service direct.

As a Depot, we provide dock space and offices for a multitude of carriers. Our carrier's benefit from working with us, as we do not compete with them, but rather work with them to enhance their services. Carriers use our fleet of trucks to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. We do approximately 1500 pick ups in Edmonton every day.  Through Truck-All Depot, these shipments are consolidated into one warehouse whereby carrier's can load their trailers for departure without having to worry about local cartage. All of our carriers, when they can, interline their freight between each other through our Depot; further reducing their carbon footprint as well as eliminating delays in the movement of freight.

Our shippers realize Truck-All Depot as a benefit to them, in that they only need to deal with one service provider to move shipments to their destinations. The need to deal with different carriers, trucks and drivers is eliminated by utilizing our services. They find they can move more by using less.

All of the operators within our fleet own the routes they operate within our service area and develop close relationships with their shippers. Our operators have a vested interest in their routes and their shipper's business and go above and beyond what an hourly employee would; to ensure that the shipper's needs are met to the best of everyone's ability. 

It is through these relationships that we developed our Consolidation Business. Shippers realize the benefits they see in service from a driver that has a genuine concern for their freight. As a result, they utilize Truck-All Depot as a single source for shipping throughout Canada. We are able to offer guaranteed rates for one year, single billing (versus freight bills from many different freight providers). Single point-of-contact for claims, tracing and POD's. All shipments are stamped prepaid by Truck-All and the carriers invoice us for their services, instead of the shipper. Shippers are working with people who are genuinely concerned about the integrity and transportation of their shipments. It is also important to note that all Carrier billing is audited by Truck-All Depot prior to billing the shipper.

When our Consolidation services are sought out by shippers, we give all of our carriers the information provided and request rates on behalf of the shipper. These rates are assembled in a package and given to the shipper for review.  Often we have more than one rate on any particular lane, however the shipper routes the freight to the carrier their customer requests. As such the shipper maintains control of the carrier hauling their freight. We then use these rates to rate and process the freight bill. It is important to note that these rates are not marked up, they are presented as quoted by our carriers.

When Shippers go outside of our Consolidation model, they end up having us bid against our partners. These situations cause confusion at the shipper's dock; thus creating havoc with everyone involved. Shippers end up with a line of trucks and drivers looking to load their shipments. This can result in shippers being billed detention time for trucks and drivers waiting in line. In the end, when shippers try this route and go carrier direct, it ultimately comes back to Truck-All Depot; as we provide a solution to the chaos created by using multiple carriers.

We are in constant contact with our Shippers and provide feedback to them when requested on ways to reduce their freight costs and to improve service. Shippers find our expertise and knowledge of the transportation business very valuable and appreciate our concern for their well-being.

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