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Peace, Love, and Joy 

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Our Holiday Schedule will be: 


December 24, 27 & 31, 2021 CLOSED 

January 3, 2022 CLOSED 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 




March 2020 






Truck-All Depot will use the following guidelines to demonstrate how we will manage the COVID-19 virus outbreak to ensure that the well being of our employees is maintained. 


Everyone needs to remember that illnesses such as the common cold, and influenza are still prevalent in our society. Although these common illnesses have similar symptoms as COVID-19, they are NOT COVID-19. Please use good judgment and try not to jump to conclusions if someone you know self-isolates, it may very well be just a cold. Not everyone who is sick, is infected with COVID-19. 



If you are feeling ill please stay home, do not come to work. Until further notice doctors note for Illness reasons are not necessary 



You are asked to wash your hands often to help break the transfer of any viruses. Use Lysol wipes to keep your work areas clean. When possible try to maintain a distance between yourself and others. Wipe down shared equipment daily with Lysol wipes.  



As per Health Canada guidelines if you travel outside of Canada during this virus outbreak, you are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days upon your return to Canada.  



Social Distancing is encouraged to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Give one another space to work, avoid lingering in an area where you are not needed. You are asked to maintain a distance of 1 meter from one another. According to AHS maintaining an adequate social distance is key to reducing the risk of spreading the corona virus. 


Please use your good judgment and reduce crowding in the following areas. 


Drivers Lounge/Break room. Drivers photocopy and bill drawer area at dispatch. Including all areas where a distance of 1 meter between each other cannot be maintained.  


Safety Meeting will be conducted in the Safety Supervisors office. These meetings will consist of the Safety Supervisor and two Committee members. This process for Safety Meetings will be maintained until further notice. 


Truck-All Depot if necessary will update our COVID-19 policy based on information received from AHS, and Health Canada. 

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